Ruff Dawg K-9 Flyer

It’s back!  Last week, I started to post about our favorite winter toy, the Ruff Dawg K-9 Flyer.  Unfortunately, before I had a chance to take many pictures, the toy went missing!  We eventually found it, trapped under the deck, where I presumed it would stay until the snow melts, sometime in July by the looks of things here in Boston.

Chuckit! Ball & Launcher

Someone thought it was a good idea to invent a way to throw a tennis ball without actually touching it. Normally that would sound like a solution looking for a problem, but in the case of a dog toy, it’s a great idea. The Chuckit! series of ball launchers and balls allow you to throw a ball as far as you want, pick it up while avoiding slobbery/sandy balls, and keep on throwing with minimal effort.

Hyper Pet Flying Fish Slingshot

Hyper Pet Flying Series Slingshot Dog Toy

Durability Rating: [Rating:2/5]

Hyper Pet Flying Fish Slingshot

Hyper Pet Flying Fish Slingshot

A flying fish slinghot toy!  Oh boy! This Flying Series Slingshot dog toy with squeaker was on sale at Home Goods for $6.99, so I thought it was worth a shot.  The package states “HEAVY DUTY AND IT FLOATS!”  along with “BUNGY NECK LAUNCHES FISH UP TO 100 FEET!”  The package showed a photo of a kid playing with the toy outside, so I assumed this would be a good toy for the yard… we took the bait.

At home, I read on the back of the package, “WARNING: PET SHOULD BE SUPERVISED WHEN PLAYING WITH THIS TOY.  REMOVE TOY FROM PET IF ANY PART BECOMES LOOSE OR DETACHED.  INTENDED FOR PETS ONLY, KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.”  Huh?  How could a dog toy harm a child?  And why was there a child pictured on the front of the package using the toy?  I was stumped.

Hyper Pet Flying Fish

The Hyper Pet Flying Fish was a flop that didn't last long

The toy itself is basically a stuffie toy with a  bungee cord through the center, a rope end to pull on one end, and a finger loop on the other.  You pull the two ends, aim and shoot.  It sounds simple.  It made me feel stupid.  I’m glad nobody was watching as I tried to get this toy to soar “up to 100 feet” as promised.  I never got to 100 feet. I doubt I got to 25 feet.  The dogs were happy to retrieve it every time I flubbed a shot.  Each throw got a little better, but I never really achieved any distance.  As the dogs retrieved it, they naturally tried to get it from each other, and it wasn’t long before it was slobbery, and we began to have tearing in the toy.  It also got dirty pretty fast, being used outside and getting wet.

As we tried using the toy more, a plastic tube began to protrude from the center of the toy, where the bungee cord passed through.  At this point, I had to remove the toy from circulation.  First of all the tube prevented the toy from flying at all, and it was just begging to be chewed.  I guess that’s what they meant by”REMOVE TOY FROM PET IF ANY PART BECOMES LOOSE OR DETACHED. ”

So, bottom line, we were unimpressed with this toy.  It didn’t last long, it didn’t fly far, and it really wasn’t worth the price, even on sale.  This is our first try with the Hyper Pet products.  If you have used other products with better success, please let us know.  Meanwhile, we’ll go back to our old standby, the Chukit… which we love, and based on how many people we see at the beach with Chuckits, that’s the toy worth getting.

Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Zoom Flyer - Long lasting and super tough!

Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Zoom Flyer

This is another great toy from Planet Dog. For toughness and durability, you really can’t go wrong with Planet Dog toys, and this toy is no exception. We have this toy for the pool, and it is definitely a favorite with the dogs, both in and out of the water. Yes, it floats, yes, it is soft on the mouth and yes, it is durable!
As a pool toy, the Orbee, challenges dogs to think, because depending on how it lands in the water, the disc might be slightly under the water. The dogs tend to push it underwater as they enthusiastically try to grab it up… then the action of their legs treading water keeps it out of reach.

Zanies Ripstop Training Dummy

We bought two of the Zanies Ripstop Training Dummies, thinking that they wouldn’t last very long.  Cassie loves to jump off the diving board to retrieve toys, so we wanted to try this out as a pool toy, but didn’t have high expectations based on the fairly inexpensive price.  Well, price and durability don’t always go hand in hand, and this toy is a wonderful example.

We have been delighted with the durability of this toy!  It has lasted a full summer of both dogs retrieving it out of the pool, so it has been left out wet, exposed to chlorine and sun.  It still floats, hasn’t gotten moldy or smelly and is still the hands down favorite pool toy.

The Zanies Rip Stop Dummy is a pool toy favorite

The dummy has also been used extensively as a tug toy, especially when both dogs vie for the same toy… they’ll both grab onto the same toy and swim back to the edge of the pool, climb out and hang on for dear life… the first dog to shake loses!

The material is a durable nylon exterior with a foam interior for floatability.  After a summer of use, there are some small punctures and a definite decline in the stability of the fabric, but both toys are still useaable.  We recommend this toy for pool dogs.  It is a bit expensive to try bringing to the beach, however.  We’ve had dog toys wash away in the surf, so for the beach, we stick to very cheap tennis balls or sticks.