21 Sep 2012

Human Shaming!

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Human Shaming

Our little contribution to #HumanShaming: A Tongue in Cheek Blog Hop.

Check out more fun Human Shaming photos at Kol’s Notes.

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04 Sep 2012

Top Ten Durable Dog Toys (Infographic)

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Over the years, we’ve thrown out more dog toys than we care to admit.  After wasting tons of money on cheap dog toys that don’t last more than an hour or so, we’ve found some great toys that make the Ruff Toys Recommended List.  Where to buy?  Most of these toys can be found in our Amazon Shop.

Dog Toy Infographic

Where to buy?  Most of these toys can be found in our Amazon Shop

  1. Elk and Deer Antlers
  2. Mega Toys by VIP Products
  3. K-9 Flyer by Ruff Dawg
  4. Hydro Plane by Ruff Wear
  5. Hard Core Firehose Tug N Fetch by Kyjen
  6. Fleece Toys by Schnoodleware
  7. Dura Chew Toys by Nylabone
  8. Orbee Tuff Zoom Flyer by Planet Dog
  9. Ripstop Training Dummy by Zanies
  10. Orbee Tuff Orbee Bone by Planet Dog


04 Jul 2012

“Best in Show”, an artistic celebration of man’s best friend

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If you love dogs and art (as I do), and live in the Boston area, here’s a cool event that you won’t want to miss!



The canine-loving community has joined Lanoue Fine Art to present, “Best in Show”, an artistic  celebration of man’s best friend.  The exhibition, which opens with a dog friendly reception on July 14, and runs through August 11, is a fundraiser for the MSPCA-Angell Animal Medical Center.

A dozen artists from across North America have been invited to exhibit over 50 paintings, sculpture, photographs and mixed media works of art, depicting our four legged friends.  A portion of all proceeds will be donated to the MSPCA-Angell.

When asked what prompted the gallery to step outside of its normal programming, gallery owner Susan Lanoue said, “My two greatest passions in life are dogs and contemporary art.  It never occurred to me to combine the two until a gorgeous painting of a dog arrived in the gallery last year.  My heart melted due to the subject matter, however the brushwork and palette were very refined and equally engaging.  My husband suggested I curate a show completely devoted to artwork about dogs, and the rest is history!”

NORGATE: Tail ChasingMaking the show a fundraiser for the MSPCA-Angell was very personal decision for the Lanoue family.  “Though we no longer live in Boston proper, whenever one of our dogs requires specialized care, there is only one place we would think to take them.  Angell has been an unmatched source of expertise and comfort to us throughout the years.  We have always wanted to do something special to express our gratitude for the kindness shown to our dogs and to us…now, hopefully we can.”

The most rewarding aspect of mounting this show so far, says Lanoue, has been the outpouring of support from all quarters.  Partners such as Panopticon Gallery have offered work by famous Weimaraner photographer, William Wegman.  Back Bay pet bakeries and boutiques including: Polka Dog Bakery, Pawsh Dog Boutique and Salon, The Fish & Bone and Audrey’s have donated dog treats for the opening day reception.  And numerous others have donated valuable gifts to be awarded by a drawing to participants in the fundraiser.

The Lanoues are looking forward to the opening day reception, when guests are invited to bring their dogs, their children and their goodwill.  Each visitor is encouraged to help select the, “Best in Show,” from among the artwork by placing blue ribbons next to their favorites.

In addition, the gallery will be collecting supplies for the MSPCA shelter throughout the month-long exhibition.  People may view the shelter’s needs on their website “supplies wish list” at the following link: http://www.mspca.org/adoption/boston/donate/boston-adoption-wishlist.html

All donors will automatically be entered into the “thank you gift prize drawings” at Lanoue Fine Art.

The show runs JULY 14 – AUGUST 11, 2012.  There will be a canine-friendly opening reception: July 14th 12-4.  RSVPs are requested but not required. Leashed dogs welcome in the gallery at all times.

LANOUE FINE ART, 125 Newbury Street, Mezzanine Level, Boston.  You can view collection online at: www.lanouefineart.com

GALLERY HOURS are Monday – Saturday: 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.


02 Jun 2012

FURminator FUR Dry

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Original Rating: (5/5)
Updated Rating: (3.5/5)*

Bleh!  A Rainy Saturday. I’d rather be outside in the garden… or on the boat… or walking!  But here we are stuck inside with a dismal weather forecast.  Oh, well, the house needs a good scrubbing after a week of heavy pollen dust coating EVERYTHING!  But I’m taking a few minutes from cleaning to tell you about one of our favorite new dog products, FURminator FUR Dry towel.  These are GREAT!  No more dripping dogs in the house!

The FURminator FUR Dry is a microfiber towel that your dog can wear like a robe.  It is super absorbent, and stays put on the dog, by way of velcro tabs to attach under the belly, and a velcro sinch belt to snuggle the robe so the dog is well covered top and bottom.  The only exposed areas are the head and feet.  When the dog shakes, no more water everywhere!  Both Cassie and Moxie dry much faster than with towel drying alone, and it’s a lot less work (although I still give them a towel dry afterwards just because they love their rubdowns so much).

Cassie in my winter jacket

Cassie wearing my winter jacket after getting wet and chilled at the beach

We first tried this towel for Cassie, because she gets so cold after winter beach trips.  I wanted a jacket to leave in the car for her so we can wrap her up after she goes swimming in the frigid water. Moxie dries quickly, but Cassie can stay wet for a long time, and she gets very cold.  I’ve actually had to give her my jacket before when she starts to shiver in the car, so I was looking for a wearable jacket that would wick her dry and warm her up.

The FUR Dry works so great, we got one for Moxie too.  Now these towels are used ALL the time.  They go on after the dogs get hosed off from being in the pool or at the beach, after bathing, on the boat, and after they get soaked in the rain, like today.

Such a simple idea, but very useful.  We think they are adorable too… Mike says they look like Jedi Nights.  I think they look like classic smoking jackets, very dapper!  Yes, they sort of look like a snuggy too, but MY dogs are too cool for Snuggies!

To put them on, you just position the towel over the head, and run your dog’s tail through the hole on the top section.  This holds the towel in place.  You can then adjust the velcro strip to fit under the belly.  Then pull the bottom section up and over the back and sinch up the strap for a nice snug fit.  Even with a wiggly dog like Moxie, it’s pretty easy to get them on without getting soaked yourself.   We leave them on for a few minutes and when we take them off, the moisture is all in the towel and the dogs are mostly dry.

FURminator FUR Dry

Cassie modelling her dapper “Smoking Jacket”… very Noel Coward!

If you are ordering online, the important measurement to know is the length from your dog’s neck to the base of the tail…  get a towel that is long enough for a comfortable fit here, and the rest of the towel is very adjustable.  Don’t necessarily go by the dog breeds listed on the description/label, especially if you have a mixed breed.  We had to return Moxie’s for a larger size, so base it on that length measurement.  Both dogs are wearing the Large size, even though there is 20 pounds difference between them.

One thing we learned though is to wash the towels with like colors.  We now have some accidentally blue dog towels from washing them with the FUR Dry towels.Oops!

So if you have a water baby or two, give these towels a try.  We are mighty glad we found them.

*Note: We have downgraded our durability rating for the Furminator FUR Dry Towel, because after a few months of use, the velcro straps stopped holding. Because of this, the towels tend to hang and drag on the floor, which creates a trip hazard for the dogs… we found out the hard way when Moxie almost fell down the stairs when her towel’s velcro didn’t hold tight. I have tried to contact the company (the website has no email address, so we messaged them via Facebook, but never heard back from them. How disappointing!

29 Mar 2012

Website Review: MrChewy.com

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Rating: (5/5)
A few weeks ago, tmrchewy.comhe nice folks at Mr Chewy.com invited us to review their web store.  Moxie and Cassie thought that was a great idea, and wanted me to get them some chewie treats.  I thought it would be fun, because in my “real” job, I’m a web developer, and I like to visit online stores and look around at other ecommerce shops out there.

MrChewy.com sells food and treats for dogs and cats, along with cat litter and pet health items.  I found the website to be fun, easy to navigate and stocked with high quality goods that you’d find in the better pet supply boutiques.  Moxie chose the Doggie Delicacy Moose Antler Chews  while Cassie wanted a big bag of Dogswell Vitality Chicken Breast with Flaxseed & Vitamins Dog Treats.

I was really  happy to see that the product pages on Mr.Chewy.com include Customer Submitted Reviews, which make it much easier to know if a product is going to work in my situation.  I’ll be reviewing the products we got shortly, both here and on the Mr. Chewy site.

Mr Chew.com chat

I grilled the poor customer service rep and she answered my questions quickly and thoroughly.

The site also offers online chat, which I tried around 7:00 in the evening on a weekday, and a live agent responded right away. She was friendly and knowledgeable about the products, even when I grilled her about details such as protein levels and how much to feed.  If you’re not into chatting, there is a prominent 800 number to speak with a customer service rep by phone.

I was also impressed by the shipping policies on Mr.Chewy.com — Free shipping over $49, and a flat rate $4.95 rate for orders under $49.  Easy to remember, and a very fair price, especially when you consider a 30+ pound bag of dog kibble is not cheap to ship. (Another site charged $35 just for the shipping of a 30# bag!)

I compared prices on MrChewy.com and found them to be comparable to my local pet supply store (even including the shipping charge).

For example:

Product Mr. Chewy.com Local Store
Taste of the Wild High Prairie 30 lb. $46.99 $49.99
Orijen Adult Dry Dog Food 30 lb. $67.99 $69.99
Wellness Canned Cat Food 3 oz. $1.12* $1.19 each
Weruva Paw Lickin’ Chicken Canned Cat Food 3 oz. $1.12* $1.19 each

*Sold in cases of 24

Mr. Chewy.com also offers a 15% discount on your order if you sign up for their delivery service.  For people who don’t live near a high quality pet supply store, or even for those who would rather not lug heavy bags of kibble or cat litter, this is a great option.  You can select you own delivery schedule to meet your needs, and if your order is over $49, the shipping will be free.  The site claims 1-2 day shipping for most of the US.

So we placed our order.  Checkout was straightforward and quick.  I recieved an email receipt, followed just an hour or two later by another email confirming that my order had already shipped.  As advertised, my order arrived just two days later, delivered on a Saturday by FedEx.  Cassie and Moxie were thrilled!

So check out Mr. Chewy. com.  I was very pleased with their service and the quality of their products.  If I have any criticism of the site, they should really sell more products… how about some toys!   I can recommend a bunch of great toys if they ever are looking for suggestions!