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14 Nov 2010

Mighty Toy Bear by VIP Products

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Durability Rating: [Rating:1/5]

Soft, but not at all MIGHTY strong!

We’re so disappointed!  Cassie’s birthday was last week, and we celebrated with a trip to the pet supply store for a few toys!  We’ve had such good luck with the VIP Products so far, we bought two of their toys.  I loved the look of this plush “polar bear” from the Mighty Dog Arctic Series.

Unfortunately, the Mighty Dog Polar Bear  didn’t make the cut at all.  In fact, it lasted less than 1/2 hour before I had to take it away from them.

The DuraScale Tag (which we’ve come to trust) rated this toy at 9, meaning “Extremely Strong, Extremely Durable.

The Mighty Dog product tag states: “Multiple layers sewn multiple times. … All material seams are covered with a layer of soft, flexible material and sewn together with another two rows of stitching”.

This is simply not true. After just a few minutes of playing the seam in the belly had torn away, and you can clearly see that the stitching is one row of very wide stitching, using multiple threads.

Mighty Dog Toy Polar Bear

The stitching gave way minutes after giving the toy to the dogs. As you can see, there is only one row of stitches, and they are not at all tight!

An interesting side note, on the VIP website, this toy is listed with a DuraScale rating of 8, or “Long lasting and really durable”.   Unfortunately, the Cassie/Moxie rating is more like a 1: “The Cheap Plush Toy”.  Except these toys aren’t cheap.  At $21.99, I expected a toy that would last.

I will try to repair the belly, but I don’t have high hopes for this toy lasting through Thanksgiving. We’ll have stuffing all over the house (and not the kind we can eat with turkey!)

01 Nov 2010

Mega Square Ball by VIP Products

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Durability Rating: [Rating:5/5]

My dogs love soft, stuffed toys, especially Cassie who carries toys around in her mouth like a security blanket.  Unfortunately, they also love to dismember their stuffed toys, pull out the squeakers and shred them, then distribute the toy stuffing all over the house.  I’m sure many of you can relate!  Most dog toys, especially the stuffed kind are short lived in my house, so I look for toys that will last or toys that are cheap enough to be considered “disposable”.  I’m willing to pay extra for a tough dog toy, but I get pretty annoyed when manufacturers make false claims that their toys are tougher than my dogs.

Mega Square Ball by VIP Products

As advertised, this toy is tough and fun!

Well VIP Products is restoring my faith that tough toys do exist!  I recently got a “Tuffy Mega Balls” square ball, and am very happy with how this product is holding up!

VIP’s product description reads: ”

Mega Construction: Seven Rows of Stitching Each toy’s seven layers of material are sewn together with two rows of linear stitching and two rows of cross stitching. The four rows of stitching are protected with an industrial grade luggage material that is sewn 3 more times. Seven Layers of Material Three layers of 600 Denier industrial grade material, three layers of plastic coating and finally one layer of soft fleece. All seven layers are rolled together and then sewn with a one inch cross pattern to prevent layer separation. Protective Webbing Additional industrial grade luggage material is sewn around the outside edge with three rows of stitching to cover and protect the first four rows of stitching. Squeaker Safety Pockets Each Squeaker is safe and quiet because they are sewn into a nylon safety pocket beneath seven layers of material. These toys are machine washable (air dry) and float.”

This toy’s tuff-scale is ranked 10, meaning it is “MEGA STRONG – the Tuffest!” We put this toy out for the dogs and they are having a blast with it.  The toy has been in play for about 3 1/2 weeks so far and the only damage we can detect is the cloth hang tag that is sewn into the toy for store display… they did chew that up into a small mound of fuzz.  The rest of the toy is completely intact… no stuffing has been strewn over the house and the seams are going strong.

Mega Square after 3 1/2 weeks of play

Mega Square after 3 1/2 weeks of play

The label states that there are squeakers in the toy.  To be honest, I can’t remember if it squeaked when we first got it… but it doesn’t seem to squeak now (at least I can’t get it to squeak! Maybe I should ask Cassie.).  However, they didn’t puncture through the toy, so it could be that the squeakers are so well protected, they don’t squeak.  That’s fine with me, in fact, I like that the toy doesn’t squeak, because the squeakers are just too tempting for them.  Perhaps there’s a correlation that the toy doesn’t squeak, and it’s still in one piece!

Another interesting point is the square shape of this toy makes it harder for the dogs to get a super fast grip on it, meaning their tug-o-wars are not as aggressive.  This toy makes a great soccer ball for inside use, and it’s too big to get stuck under the couch (a pet peeve of mine since Moxie complains loudly if she can’t reach the toy she wants).

We have not used this toy as a pool toy, so I can’t comment on it’s floatability.  Besides the idea of a wet, dripping toy coming back in the house is not pleasant, so we’ll keep it as a house toy, thanks.  Maybe somebody can comment on that point.

In short, I’m really happy with this toy.  The dogs love it, it’s strong, and I’m a believer.   Looking forward to more Mega Tuff products from VIP.

15 Oct 2010

Tuffy’s Ultimate Tug-Of-War

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Durability Rating: [Rating:4.5/5]

This toy is awesome… it’s a big toy, about 22″ long, and when we bought it two years ago, we paid about $25 for this toy.  Now you can get it online for $12.50, and we think it’s worth every penny! VIP gives this toy a Tuff Scale rating of 9, meaning “Extremely Stong – Extremely Durable”.  Their website describes the toy’s construction as follows:

Ultimate Construction: Each toy is made with 4 layers. 2 layers are made of industrial grade luggage material, 1 layer of plastic coating, and the other layer is made of soft fleece on the outside. All of these layers are sewn together to make one super strong layer of material.  Each toy is sewn together with 2 layers of cross stitching and then 2 layers of linear stitching.  After the toy is sewn together an additional piece of black trim is added to cover the four rows of stitching. This extra piece of black trim is sewn with 3 linear stitches to give the product a total of 7 seams! These toys are machine washable (air dry) and float.”

Tuffy's Ultimate Tug-Of-War Toy

This might look like it's in rough shape, but it's two years old! We definitely got our money's worth from this toy.

Cassie loved this toy from the start, but did tend to chew on the center section and did some damage there.   However the majority of the toy is still intact, and since we’ve had it now for over two years, we find the Tuff Scale rating to be true.  In fact, this is one of the oldest “stuffed” toys still in the bin plus one of the only toys that is still recognizable!  Even after we got Moxie, who loves to play tug with Cassie and is very enthusiastic and LOUD about her game of tug, the toy is still intact and going strong.

This toy is almost never left in the toy box.  Now that Cassie has the center of the toy nice and floppy, she loves to shake it and toss it in the air.  She actually likes it better now that it’s a bit “worn in”.  Of course all that shaking is too tempting for Moxie, who comes running, and then the game really begins.  They will play with this toy for a good long time and it is definitely a favorite for them both.  After two years, it is getting a bit worn, so this will definitely be a toy we will buy again.  You can’t beat it for durability, price and fun!

The Ultimate Tug-Of-War toy is a keeper and we recommend this toy!

03 Oct 2010

Tuffy SEA Creatures

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VIP Products featuring the Tuff Scale Ranking
Durability Rating:[Rating:3.5/5]

VIP Products states they have the “World’s Most Durable Soft Dog Toy”  They put a lot of information on their tags and even more on their website about the durability of their toys.  They even offer a “Tuff Scale” Ranking to help dog owners know what the toy is intended for and how durable it is.  VIP Products offer the following information on their website about the SEA Creatures Shark:

For interactive play with one or multiple dogs. This toy will entertain dogs who like to whip their toys and play fetch for hours! Easy to toss and Floats! — soft edges won’t hurt gums. Each Sea Creature toy is made with 4 layers. 2 layers are made of industrial grade luggage material, 1 layer of plastic coating, and the other layer is made of soft fleece on the outside. All of these layers are sewn together to make one super strong layer of material. Each toy is sewn together with 2 layers of cross stitching and then 2 layers of linear stitching. After the toy is sewn together an additional piece of black trim is added to cover the four rows of stitching. This extra piece of black trim is sewn with 3 linear stitches to give the product a total of 7 seams! These toys are machine washable (air dry) and float.

SEA Creature Shark: Weakest in the Jaws!

The SEA Creature Shark is given a Tuff Scale Ranking of 7, meaning “A really tough toy, but still vulnerable”.  Fair enough.  We thought we’d give a try, based on good luck with other toys from this company.

Both dogs love the toy and we’ve had a great time playing catch and hide and seek with the toy.  The dogs also play tug and keep away with the toy.  It gets a lot of play here!

Funny enough, the Jaws is the weakest link in this toy. After several days, the dogs had torn the mouth, which has 2 layers of material, and pulled out the squeaker and stuffing.  However, the rest of the toy has remained intact for over a month now and still gets play.  Of course it no longer squeaks, but it is still chosen quite often for tugging play.

We really like this brand of dog toys, and appreciate the Tuff Scale Ranking, so we are looking forward to trying out more of their tougher toys.  And on that note, check out a very cool feature of their website — a Toy Tester program! You can sign up to be a toy tester on a monthly or bi-monthly basis and get their toys for 50% off! Once you have signed up, you can add products to your wish list and then select your shipping date.  I’ve signed up for the program and am starting with some Tuff Scale 9 and 10 Ranked toys, and will report back on how we make out.  What a great marketing program and a great bargain as well!