Hyper Pet Flying Fish Slingshot

Hyper Pet Flying Series Slingshot Dog Toy

Durability Rating: [Rating:2/5]

Hyper Pet Flying Fish Slingshot

Hyper Pet Flying Fish Slingshot

A flying fish slinghot toy!  Oh boy! This Flying Series Slingshot dog toy with squeaker was on sale at Home Goods for $6.99, so I thought it was worth a shot.  The package states “HEAVY DUTY AND IT FLOATS!”  along with “BUNGY NECK LAUNCHES FISH UP TO 100 FEET!”  The package showed a photo of a kid playing with the toy outside, so I assumed this would be a good toy for the yard… we took the bait.

At home, I read on the back of the package, “WARNING: PET SHOULD BE SUPERVISED WHEN PLAYING WITH THIS TOY.  REMOVE TOY FROM PET IF ANY PART BECOMES LOOSE OR DETACHED.  INTENDED FOR PETS ONLY, KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.”  Huh?  How could a dog toy harm a child?  And why was there a child pictured on the front of the package using the toy?  I was stumped.

Hyper Pet Flying Fish

The Hyper Pet Flying Fish was a flop that didn't last long

The toy itself is basically a stuffie toy with a  bungee cord through the center, a rope end to pull on one end, and a finger loop on the other.  You pull the two ends, aim and shoot.  It sounds simple.  It made me feel stupid.  I’m glad nobody was watching as I tried to get this toy to soar “up to 100 feet” as promised.  I never got to 100 feet. I doubt I got to 25 feet.  The dogs were happy to retrieve it every time I flubbed a shot.  Each throw got a little better, but I never really achieved any distance.  As the dogs retrieved it, they naturally tried to get it from each other, and it wasn’t long before it was slobbery, and we began to have tearing in the toy.  It also got dirty pretty fast, being used outside and getting wet.

As we tried using the toy more, a plastic tube began to protrude from the center of the toy, where the bungee cord passed through.  At this point, I had to remove the toy from circulation.  First of all the tube prevented the toy from flying at all, and it was just begging to be chewed.  I guess that’s what they meant by”REMOVE TOY FROM PET IF ANY PART BECOMES LOOSE OR DETACHED. ”

So, bottom line, we were unimpressed with this toy.  It didn’t last long, it didn’t fly far, and it really wasn’t worth the price, even on sale.  This is our first try with the Hyper Pet products.  If you have used other products with better success, please let us know.  Meanwhile, we’ll go back to our old standby, the Chukit… which we love, and based on how many people we see at the beach with Chuckits, that’s the toy worth getting.