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A Really Tough Removable Tags Clip

My first dog was a Rough Coated Collie.  He had such a thick coat that you couldn’t see his collar at all!  I never thought of changing out his collar just for vanity, but now that my dogs have slightly more neck showing under all that hair, I am more inclined to check out the collar aisle at my favorite pet boutiques for fun new collars for the girls.

The Dog Dicer

Short and sweet: save your money and don’t even try this one.  I thought this was a great gadget, and ordered it as soon as I saw it.  This would be great for agility training treats!  My dogs go crazy for hot dogs, so I was eager to give it a try.  I ordered one from the “As Seen on TV” site, which took MONTHS to finally arrive.

Sprong Dog Toy

There are two things you can plainly see from the video above:

This is a very loud toy!
Cassie simply adores it!
What you might not readily see though is that this is a TOUGH toy and has lasted in our “house where dog toys go to die” for several months.  Yes even that loud squeaker is still intact!