The Dog Dicer

The Dog Dicer

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Short and sweet: save your money and don’t even try this one.  I thought this was a great gadget, and ordered it as soon as I saw it.  This would be great for agility training treats!  My dogs go crazy for hot dogs, so I was eager to give it a try.  I ordered one from the “As Seen on TV” site, which took MONTHS to finally arrive.  The first time I tried to use it, the blades wouldn’t even cut through a single hot dog.   I even tried splitting the hot dog down the center so it was only half as thick, but even that didn’t work.  As I tried to cut through the hot dog, the blades began to bend, and then the top piece broke off and came apart completely.

A waste of money!  Very disappointed!

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  1. Odin
    Odin says:

    I’ll be sure not to buy that one. =\

    We have one that’s shaped like a dachshund. It kind of works ok, I guess, but it depends on the hotdog. It’s sort of hard to clean, too, so I just use it as a decoration. At least the one I have is cute, though.

    I’m pretty sure none of these things work that great and you’re probably better off just getting out a knife and slicing the hotdog. Faster, less work, easier cleanup.

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