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Sprong Dog Toy

Cassie loves this Sprong Squeakie Toy. But, boy, does it squeak! R2P Pet, Ltd.

Posted by Ruff Toy Reviews on Saturday, December 1, 2012

There are two things you can plainly see from the video above:

  1. This is a very loud toy!
  2. Cassie simply adores it!

What you might not readily see though is that this is a TOUGH toy and has lasted in our “house where dog toys go to die” for several months.  Yes even that loud squeaker is still intact!

The Sprong Dog Toy by R2P Pet, Ltd is described on the package as “the fuzzi squeaki spungi chewi floati squishi velveti bounci smooshi dog toy”.  So, maybe these folks can’t spell worth a dime, but their product is priceless in our estimation! The Sprong that we got is shaped very much like a traditional “Kong” toy, but the texture is fuzzy.  Not quite tennis ball fuzzy, but similar. Like you know what velvet feels like after something spills on it and then dries?  Like that.  Cassie loves how it feels in her mouth, and the fuzz helps keep the slobber factor down.

The toy is light-weight, so we can throw it inside the house without too much worry. The package says it floats, although so far we’ve kept this as an indoor toy.

The dogs have played tug with it, and have been pretty rough on it, and yet it lasts. We’ve  used it as a training reward, played hide and seek with it, and yes have resorted to hiding it really well when we need a little rest from all that squeaking.  But Cassie is so giddy when she’s squeaking away that usually we just enjoy the show.

We are delighted with this toy and Cassie says “Thank you VERY MUCH” to the creators!

Usually I’m not all that sad to see the squeaker destroyed.  After all it brings a welcome peace and quiet until the next loud toy gets pulled out of the toy box.  But Cassie loves this one so much, that I’m glad to see it is so durable.