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Bleh!  A Rainy Saturday. I’d rather be outside in the garden… or on the boat… or walking!  But here we are stuck inside with a dismal weather forecast.  Oh, well, the house needs a good scrubbing after a week of heavy pollen dust coating EVERYTHING!  But I’m taking a few minutes from cleaning to tell you about one of our favorite new dog products, FURminator FUR Dry towel.  These are GREAT!  No more dripping dogs in the house!

The FURminator FUR Dry is a microfiber towel that your dog can wear like a robe.  It is super absorbent, and stays put on the dog, by way of velcro tabs to attach under the belly, and a velcro sinch belt to snuggle the robe so the dog is well covered top and bottom.  The only exposed areas are the head and feet.  When the dog shakes, no more water everywhere!  Both Cassie and Moxie dry much faster than with towel drying alone, and it’s a lot less work (although I still give them a towel dry afterwards just because they love their rubdowns so much).

Cassie in my winter jacket

Cassie wearing my winter jacket after getting wet and chilled at the beach

We first tried this towel for Cassie, because she gets so cold after winter beach trips.  I wanted a jacket to leave in the car for her so we can wrap her up after she goes swimming in the frigid water. Moxie dries quickly, but Cassie can stay wet for a long time, and she gets very cold.  I’ve actually had to give her my jacket before when she starts to shiver in the car, so I was looking for a wearable jacket that would wick her dry and warm her up.

The FUR Dry works so great, we got one for Moxie too.  Now these towels are used ALL the time.  They go on after the dogs get hosed off from being in the pool or at the beach, after bathing, on the boat, and after they get soaked in the rain, like today.

Such a simple idea, but very useful.  We think they are adorable too… Mike says they look like Jedi Nights.  I think they look like classic smoking jackets, very dapper!  Yes, they sort of look like a snuggy too, but MY dogs are too cool for Snuggies!

To put them on, you just position the towel over the head, and run your dog’s tail through the hole on the top section.  This holds the towel in place.  You can then adjust the velcro strip to fit under the belly.  Then pull the bottom section up and over the back and sinch up the strap for a nice snug fit.  Even with a wiggly dog like Moxie, it’s pretty easy to get them on without getting soaked yourself.   We leave them on for a few minutes and when we take them off, the moisture is all in the towel and the dogs are mostly dry.

FURminator FUR Dry

Cassie modelling her dapper “Smoking Jacket”… very Noel Coward!

If you are ordering online, the important measurement to know is the length from your dog’s neck to the base of the tail…  get a towel that is long enough for a comfortable fit here, and the rest of the towel is very adjustable.  Don’t necessarily go by the dog breeds listed on the description/label, especially if you have a mixed breed.  We had to return Moxie’s for a larger size, so base it on that length measurement.  Both dogs are wearing the Large size, even though there is 20 pounds difference between them.

One thing we learned though is to wash the towels with like colors.  We now have some accidentally blue dog towels from washing them with the FUR Dry towels.Oops!

So if you have a water baby or two, give these towels a try.  We are mighty glad we found them.

*Note: We have downgraded our durability rating for the Furminator FUR Dry Towel, because after a few months of use, the velcro straps stopped holding. Because of this, the towels tend to hang and drag on the floor, which creates a trip hazard for the dogs… we found out the hard way when Moxie almost fell down the stairs when her towel’s velcro didn’t hold tight. I have tried to contact the company (the website has no email address, so we messaged them via Facebook, but never heard back from them. How disappointing!