Special Offer from VIP Pet Products

We love VIP Products, and their Tuffy and Mega Toy lines are terrific. They are extremely durable for stuffies, and last for months here at our house.  These toys are NEVER in the toy box and get plenty of play.  We specifically choose the toys that are at least 9 and usually 10 on the Tuff Scale rating.  Basically, the stuffies with the black reinforced edging are the tough toys that work for us.  All the toys you see in the photo above have been in play all winter long.

Now we have some good news from VIP Products!  Here’s a special offer just for Ruff Toy Review readers! When you purchase your toys directly from VIP Products website (http://www.vipproducts.com/) you can get $7 off any toy or bed by using the coupon code below.

VIP Pet Products
$7.00 off any regular priced toy or bed

Coupon code: vipfan

Enjoy, and please do let us know how you like their products, and which toys do well with your dogs.

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Wordless Wednesday: 4/6

Warning! Major cuteness ahead! I couldn’t decide on just one, so here are three Wordless Wednesday shots for you, courtesy of Donna Kelliher Photography. The beach babies are Trelawney (Golden Retriever) and Clewe (Border Collie).

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Update to PawTracks TireBiter Review: Dangerous to Dogs

PawTracks Tirebiter can make dogs sick

PawTracks Tirebiter can make dogs sick

Since writing about the PawTracks TireBiter by Mammoth Pet Products, in which we gave it 5 stars for durability, but not much else, we’ve been getting a steady stream of comments about how the toy has made their dogs sick. We never experienced any issues like that, but our dogs just didn’t play with the toy much, and we found it to have an oily foul smell, like an actual car tire.  After hearing some of our readers comments, we threw out the toy.  It seems that some dogs are actually tearing the tire to bits, or shredding it, and swallowing pieces of it, which is making them vomit.

One reader, Rose, submitted this comment:
“My daughter chose the Tire Biter for my Doberman as one of her first Birthday presents. It seemed like a fun toy at first but the next day she started to chew it apart and an hour later started to vomit and vomit and vomit. The poor dog was scared and shaking. This is a terrible toy, if your dog is a big time chewer! Don’t purchase it! I now know to research toys before I purchase. The Tire Biter reads safe and non-toxic, someone should make them remove it from the shelves.”

Tony commented:
We just bought the tire biter for a 1 1/2 year old Dachshund that wieghts about 9 pounds. After chewing on the toy for less than 10 min he had eaten part of the rubber and has been throwing up for several hours. My wife is calling the vet! I would not recommend this toy!

Niquita wrote:
I bought this toy for my mastiff, rottweiler, pit bull mix. and within 20 minutes it was torn up and he vomited about seven times. It has been two days now and he hasnt had a appetite and is laying around (which it the complete opposite of him) I am going to have to take him to the vet. I researched this toy and it has made a lot of dogs sick. IT NEEDS TO BE TAKEN OFF THE SHELVES!!!

And just today, Mike wrote:
I bought one for our 11 month old female yellow lab, who is a big-time chewer-we watched her play with it, she liked to play tug-of-war with it, and ran around the house with it in her mouth, thrilled with it from all appearances…we went to bed around midnight, she also took her spot on her bed tired out from playing, then-we were awakened at 2 AM by the sound of her vomiting at the door. The ‘tirebiter’ toy was in shreds, with small pieces all over the floor. If I had any idea this thing could be destroyed like this, I never would have bought it and i strongly recommend no one buy this, it is dangerous and poorly made.

I took a look around the web and found some other reviews with similar reports on Buzzilions, PetSmart, and Amazon.  Yikes, that’s pretty scary stuff!  I hope Mammoth Pet Products removes this product from the shelves, but in the meantime, please spread the word that this toy is not at all safe for your pet!

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Local dog makes good: Fred rescued by Ginger after falling through thin ice

Saw this on the news today. From Topsfield, the town next to ours, two yellow labs, Fred and Ginger (yup!) got themselves into trouble on the thin ice. See what Ginger did to rescue Fred. That’s love! Click to watch video Read more