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I was hoping to hold off doing this review until summer. After all the Ruff Wear Hydro Plane is a soft disc that is (according to Ruff Wear’s website) “built for dogs that love to play fetch in or around water”.  Cassie and Moxie got this toy for Christmas, a present from my sister in Seattle and her two Shiloh Shepherds.  Each dog got one.  Honestly, the toy is so lightweight, I was afraid the dogs would destroy it before spring, so we put one toy away for pool use, and kept one out for the dogs to play with in the house.

Well, this this toy is a big hit here!  It is so lightweight, that we can throw it in the house, without worrying about it crashing into something delicate.  Moxie loves to show off her high jump to catch this toy, and it has survived many rounds of rough tug-o-war sessions.  It is also carried around a lot and chomped on, and their teeth marks don’t even show on the toy.  When they say Ruff Wear, you can believe it!

The heavy duty canvas material is extremely rugged, and has held up well all winter.  Although we don’t leave it outside (I’m pretty sure it’s so lightweight the wind will carry it off), we have brought it outside and the dogs have a blast.  This is one of the softest of the frisbee type toys we’ve tried, and a great way to train a dog to catch a flying disc, because it won’t hurt their mouth.

Both dogs think they are hysterically funny when they wear the toy like the collar of shame.  People who say dogs don’t have a sense of humor clearly haven’t met my dogs!

Although the pool is currently more of a skating rink, I’m sure summer will eventually show up, and we can try this toy out in the pool.  I probably wouldn’t risk taking it to the beach because it could easily get carried away by the wind or surf (or another dog!).  But I’m looking forward to seeing it in action as a pool toy, and will use this disc to try and train Moxie as a frisbee dog.  I actually have no idea how to do that, but would love input from you if you have suggestions.Click here to add your own text

RuffWear Webmaster Harness

RuffWear Webmaster Harness

As a side note, we first became fans of the Ruff Wear company when my collie Seamus was getting older and had a hard time getting up.  I tried several “old dog lifting” products, but they were all a bit cumbersome and not comfortable for Seamus to wear continuously. 

Then I tried the Ruff Wear Web Master Dog Harness.  This sturdy harness was a godsend to us.  Although it’s meant for active dogs in the field, it was a great help to us when helping Seamus to get up and walk.  The handle at the top of the harness was sturdy, the straps under his belly were wide and comfortable when he was lifted, and the entire harness was so comfortable, we could leave it on him during the day ahe he wouldn’t get overheated or uncomfortable lying on his side, as he preferred.  Also, and this was important for him emotionally, the harness looked cool!  It didn’t frighten people away from approaching him and giving him attention (which he LOVED) as the other harness did.  This was a huge boost to his love of life and I believe it helped him to keep going because he loved people and he loved getting pats from everybody around him.

  If you have suggestions for other Ruff Wear products to try, let us know.