Greetings from Rainbow Bridge

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John Edward on the Dr. Oz Show

John Edward on the Dr. Oz Show

Dr. Oz is one of my morning rituals. I love to have my coffee with Dr. Oz, while the dogs and I get some play and snuggle time before work. Earlier this week, very oddly, one of his guests was the psychic medium, John Edward. Did some of you see this show?  I found it fascinating that he would pick people out from the audience based on the “messages” he was getting from the great beyond and pass along messages to them.

I’m sure a lot of people are skeptical about this sort of thing.  I like to keep an open mind.  I find it comforting, as I’m sure the people in the audience did too, that our loved ones are still with us in spirit, have crossed over safely, and send assurances that we will see each other again one day.

[pullquote right]He said something I will never forget. He said, “She has her dog with her.” [/pullquote]
But, what does this have to do with dogs?  Well, at one point in the show, John Edward spoke to a woman, saying her mother was “here”.  He passed along some specific messages from the mother, which I’ve forgotten.  But then he said something I will never forget.  He said, “She has her dog with her.”  The daughter smiled through her tears.  Obviously her mom loved her dog very much, and she was glad they were together again in the afterlife.

For me, I found that one small moment so wonderful and comforting, just imagining the chance to be with my departed pets again when my time comes.  I’ve heard all kinds of arguments — from contemporary religious leaders, who believe only humans go to heaven because only humans have a soul — to more primitive religions who believe that all living beings, plant and animals are spiritual and sacred — to conversations with friends and other animal lovers.  You can believe that the Rainbow Bridge is true, or you can think of it merely as a nice poem.  You can believe that a dream about a departed pet is just a nice dream, or you can choose to take it as a sign or a message.  When suddenly, from out of the blue, you sense an overwhelming presence, or a sudden, forgotten memory, you can believe a spirit is with you, or that it’s just wishful thinking.


Seamus and me

I choose to believe Seamus is waiting for me, and when the time comes, we’ll be together again. I like to think of him hanging out at Rainbow Bridge with his pals that have also gone on before, Sam, Stryker, Reggae, Deffie, Allie, Tristan, Kenna, and most recently Chester.  Of course they are all young and healthy again, and up to their old shenanigans.  Sometimes I imagine him hanging out with my Dad too.  Seamus never met my Dad, as he passed away before Seamus, but I asked him to take care of him for me up there.  I like to think my Dad and Seamus get along together, with my Dad’s childhood dogs, and the dogs we had growing up.  I also believe that when I dream of my dad, or of Seamus, it’s their way of visiting me and letting me know they are okay.

You can call me naive about this, but that’s okay.  Frankly, if Heaven doesn’t have dogs and cats, birds, flowers, trees… all of the beautiful and pure living creatures we love so dearly here, then really, that’s not my idea of Heaven.  I’d love to hear  what you think about this.

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  1. Sue
    Sue says:

    Naive? I don’t think so! Will Rogers said: If there are no dogs in heaven then I want to go where they went. Though I’m in no hurry to leave this earthly plain, I look forward to seeing all my beloved dogs…

  2. MelanieJ
    MelanieJ says:

    I could never believe anything else and stay sane! I believe that I have beloved dogs and cats and maybe a horse or two from my past waiting for me on the other side, some more patiently than others. 🙂 I agree with Sue – while I’m in no hurry to get there, what a reunion that will be!

    • moxie
      moxie says:

      I think that’s the way we have to think to get through the sad truth that our pets have such short lives.

  3. georgia little pea
    georgia little pea says:

    I don’t know if I believe in Rainbow Bridge. it’s something I’ve only recently read about. I suspect it may just be something created to help us get over our grief of losing our animal friends. I don’t particularly believe in heaven and hell either, at least not as a physical place. But if there WERE such things, it would be pretty ridiculous for us to think that only humans have access to them. I DO believe that all living things have souls, come from, and will one day return to, the same source.

    I hope that wasn’t too disturbing for me to share :p

  4. Lori @ According to Gus
    Lori @ According to Gus says:

    Seamus was such a beautiful dog…and that’s a great photo to have of the two of you. Gus is our very first dog and I can’t even imagine the day we have to say goodbye, but I definitely like to think he’d be waiting for us…just like your Seamus is waiting for you!

  5. Helen
    Helen says:

    I agree with you. If I can’t be with my animals, I don’t want to be there. Our local radio station has been having John Edwards on once or twice a year for years. He’s really freaky when he does the readings with people calling in. I always start out listening to him being very skeptical but he usually gives me goosebumps by the end, whether I believe or not.

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