Woodland Amigos by “think! dog play”

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Woodland Amigos cheap toy at Costco

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I’m a sucker for cheap stuff, I admit, so when I saw the Woodland Amigos 3 Pack Dog Toys by “think! dog play” on sale at Costco (with a coupon) for about $5.00, it seemed like a slam dunk.  Especially since the box stated, “Pet parents suggested – We listened! Now you can have these great toys with reinforced fabric, making the toys much more durable! Enjoy!”

It was cheap and they stated the toys were durable… I took the bait.  Silly me!

I gave the three toys to the dogs last night around 7:30… by 8:30, the stuffing was already flying.  First, Cassie bit the little tails off, then went for the jugular to get the squeaker.  Once she had gotten inside, I took a look at the “reinforced fabric.”  Yes, there was a second bit of thin fabric in there… I suppose that is what they mean by reinforced.  Also the squeakers were sewed into a fabric pouch, which made it easier to get them away from the dogs before they chewed the plastic squeaker.

But, holy cow, there’s a lot of stuffing to pull out of these toys!  Stuffing was everywhere!  When Moxie shook the toy, it reminded me of one of those pillow fights you see on tv… it was practically snowing fluff in my living room!

Three dead amigos and a big pile of amigo guts

I am still picking up stuffing, but I wanted to show you the pile so far.   The dogs had a blast killing these toys, don’t get me wrong.   But even at $5.00, these toys have an extremely short shelf life, and a big mess to pick up.  Save your money!

Interestingly, on the bottom of the box, it states, “CAUTION: It is recommended that dogs be supervised when playing with all toys.  Remove the toy from the pet immediately if any part becomes loose or detached. This product is not to be consumed.”  Do all pet toy manufacturers use the same lawyers?

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  1. Lori @ According to Gus
    Lori @ According to Gus says:

    We bought these too…but over the holidays without the $5 coupon (boo!). Luckily, Gus is a huge wuss when it comes to toys and they’re still fully intact.

    I wonder what Costco would say if you brought these back in? Dog toys should last more than 60 minutes!

  2. Helen
    Helen says:

    I was hoping this would turn out differently as we are desperately searching for durable soft dog toys. The Destructo Twins can kill anything. They get so excited when we bring them a new toy and then you see the kill look in their eyes as they attack and dig for the squeaker and the more stuffing to distribute the better.

  3. Kristine
    Kristine says:

    I could tell right away there were going to be of the rip-and-destroy variety. Depending on the price, sometimes the easily destructible toys are awesome too. They keep my dog busy for at least five whole minutes, not a small thing. of course, the clean up may make it a little less worth it.

  4. Vinnie
    Vinnie says:

    Wow, did I get hosed on this deal! I bought the 3 pack from costco and the poor chipmunk looking one died in the first day. My dog was professionally trained when we adopted him and he is fairly gentle with his toys. He likes to rough up the rope only during fetch. The rest, went to their grave shortly after the first (within the week). I emailed the company immediately to see what they had to say. The answer: nothing. They never responded, I think I had a better chance at returning the shreads to costco. I guess these dog toys would be good for my cat……….to sleep on! Honestly, don’t waste your money people!

  5. Trud
    Trud says:

    I bought the Amigo moose, it is the only stuffed toy my dog didn’t shred in under 20 minutes, in fact I went and bought a spare one after a week. Strangly she had them for almost three month, then last night she tore up one and then the other…. hmmm she was mad at me though so maybe that was it 🙂

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