Magical Mystery Moxie Mutt

MoxieOur Moxie came to us from a shelter in Tennessee, rescued by Happy Tails of New England and transported to Boston, where we were lucky enough to adopt her as our own. Moxie has been with us since April of 2010, and she’s just an awesome dog… everything we wanted in a second dog.

She’s fun-loving, funny, sweet, cuddly, feisty, and ready to do anything and go anywhere, as long as it is with us. She is best friends with Cassie, our Golden Retriever, and they spend hours everyday chasing, wrestling and stealing each other’s toys.

But what is she? Well, first of all she’s drop-dead gorgeous, but that’s not an officially recognized AKC breed. We have our definite thoughts on her heritage, but I won’t bias the conversation here to see if we get different opinions.

Here are her “stats”:

  • Weight: 40 lbs
  • Height: 18 inches
  • Length: 28 inches (note she’s very wiggly, measuring was not that easy!)
  • Coat: Plush, double coated… Cruella DeVille would steal her in a heartbeat.
  • Energy: she will chase a ball or frisbee across the yard or pool until she drops.  She’s got tons of energy, but will calm down for us nicely in the house
  • Intelligence:  Harvard potential… and not afraid to try new things at all.
  • Outgoing:  A little hesitant on first meeting new people, but fast to accept people and dogs and is friendly.  She’s not submissive, and will correct another dog off if they play too rough.  She’s a great watchdog, not so much a guard dog.  But I always know when the UPS guy approaches… or the dog next door is let out, or somebody walks down the street… you get the picture… she can bark!  But she does stop when I acknowledge whatever it was, so that’s good.

What else?  Well she’s got skinny little legs and tiny feet.  She smiles.  She’s happy to go on her back for a belly rub.  She HATES being groomed or having her nails done, but she’ll let me rub her feet. She’s a talker and likes to chatter with me with all kinds of word sounds.  She’s a yelper and is quite sensitive to any kind of pain (being under my feet all the time she tends to get stepped on periodically and BOY does she let me know!)

Well, that’s about it… what do you think?

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