Our favorite mystery winter toy

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Last night, I dreamed it was spring. Green, lush, glorious spring. I awoke and looked out the window, and everything was so green. It was like a miracle! Or a dream!  I woke up, and said to my husband, “I dreamed it was spring!” and he laughed. Then I looked out the window and it was spring! The yard was green and full of animals passing by in procession: lions, bears, bear cubs, foxes… so wonderful.  So weird.

Then I really woke up. Dogs pouncing on the bed to wake me, sticking their cold nose in my face, insisting on lying on top of me. Back to reality, back to winter. Blech.  Need coffee.

I really shouldn’t live in Boston. I know that now. I was born here, it’s home. Eight months out of the year, I love it here. This is not one of those months. The winter is dragging on and I’m done with it. Of course I’m not alone. Everybody is sick of winter and ready for spring.  Stupid, lying groundhog!

Our favorite mystery winter toy

So, what to write about today? When I let the dogs out this morning, sitting on the deck, right by the door, was my only spring green for now: a bright green rubber flying disc. It’s been the ONLY outside toy to consistently find its way back up through the snow. The tennis balls have been gone since November. I’ve actually forgotten what other toys are out there. But, after every storm, no matter how much snow we get, this toy is dug out and returned to the deck, in hopes of being tossed out for a game of fetch or tug.

It’s a great floppy rubbery flying disc, that shrugs off the snow and holds up no matter how much it is chewed and tugged on.  So I thought I’d tell you about this toy today.

I grabbed the camera, my jacket and boots and went out into the yard.  Moxie  grabbed the disc off the deck and took off to tease Cassie.  I got this one shot before the camera batteries died (of course!).  The dogs were having a ball playing tug with the toy out in the yard, and I dashed back inside for new batteries so I could capture the fun with some great shots to share.

When I came out, there were two dogs, but no disc!  What the heck?!  I was only gone a minute!  We trudged all over the yard looking for it following their tracks from last night’s snow.  The snow pack is deep from three months of storms.  It is hard packed in heavy traffic lanes, and easy to walk on, but off the beaten path, you crash down to your knees.  Not pleasant when you didn’t put socks on under your boots!  I swear the dogs were laughing at me.  Ha Ha, very funny!

Carrying a big stick

Now, there is snow melting in my boots, and no toy to be found anywhere!  They hid it well.  But by now, they had found another toy, equally fun, and were off playing with the giant stick mother nature had provided in yesterday’s storm.

I had great plans to tell you about this awesome toy, but since, at the moment, it is nowhere to be found, I can’t even tell you what it is called!  I promise when it shows back up, I’ll write an addendum to this post.  It IS a great toy!  And since it’s the closest thing to green in my yard right now, it can’t stay hidden for long.  I’m sure we’ll see it sometime today and I’ll get the whole scoop for you.

Meanwhile, if you know the name of this toy, please share!

**UPDATE** Well, we found the toy. They actually brought it back up on the deck, but it slipped through a winter snow damage gap in the deck, and we can’t get to it! But I did some more web surfing, and think I found it. It is the Ruff Dawg K-9 Flyer.
Highly recommended. We’re going to miss it if it’s stuck under the deck till the snow melts!


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  1. Cherie K. Miller
    Cherie K. Miller says:

    I have a “chewer.” Lucille is an American Bulldog rescue dog and she L-O-V-E-S to chew. Any suggestions? I’m trying to keep her from “beavering” our deck to toothpicks at this point.

  2. Donna Kelliher
    Donna Kelliher says:

    I knew it was the Ruff Dawgs frisbee as soon as you started describing it. Ziva LOVES hers and it’s the only toy that she’s always managed to find through all the storms too. We play with it every day and you’re right, they stand up to anything, the dogs love to catch them because they’re soft and won’t hurt their mouths. Great toy at a great value!

    • moxie
      moxie says:

      I wonder how long it will be before we can rescue it from under the deck… I tried to get Cassie to go under there and then track back to under the stairs but that’s kind of a hard concept to get!

  3. Kristine
    Kristine says:

    That does look like an awesome toy. We’ve played a lot with frisbees in the past but I have been scared to buy a pricey dog one because I am unsure how long it will last. Even though we don’t let our dog chew on the discs, they somehow get chomped into bits after a couple tosses. But if this one is good for tugging as well, it may be more durable… I will look for it in local stores, thanks!

    I am also dreaming of spring. The other day I saw some grass and I almost died in happiness. It may have been brown, but it is good to know it still exists!

  4. georgia little pea
    georgia little pea says:

    I love reading all the different bloggers at the moment… with their first sightings and dreams of green and spring! So hopeful until the next blanket of snow comes down…:(

    Our summer is almost gone. It’s still muggy, but grey. Sigh. The switcheroo is coming, I can feel it.

  5. Peggy Freon
    Peggy Freon says:

    The dogs sure look like they’re having fun in the snow! Kelly loves to play in the snow too. In the first picture, your dog has the exact same coloring fur as my Kelly–the reddish browns and the black. Very similar. Only Kelly is blonde on the legs!

    • moxie
      moxie says:

      I just love Moxie’s coat… I always tell her to watch out for Cruella DeVille because she’d make a FABULOUS fur coat!

  6. Lori @ According to Gus
    Lori @ According to Gus says:

    So much snow! At least Moxie and Cassie make the most out of their time outside. Brrr….

    I shouldn’t tell you this…but we’re HOT here today. Thoughts of turning on the (gasp!) a/c on has crossed our minds. I hope you thaw out soon!

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