2 Dogs, 2 Toys, no conclusions

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New Plush Lobster

When we first picked up Cassie, her human mom gave us a stuffed duck that had been spending time in the pen with Cassie, her dog mom and her siblings. The explanation was that it held a familiar safe smell. This was her “woobie” for months helping ease her away from a doggie centric life to life with us. She was notorious for tearing up stuffed toys in no time flat – but that duck stayed intact for months.

Three years and countless toys later we wanted to see if we could prolong the life of her stuffed toys by doing something similar. I picked up 2 identical stuffed toys. At first glance they look like seals, but then you notice they have claws. The tag says “plush lobster”. Really? White lobsters with cute noses and whiskers?? Anyway we marked one “lobster” with a small X on the tag and placed it in our clothes hamper for 24 hours. The other was pristine. I then presented both toys to the girls who started to have a ball.

Still looking good after 1 week of hard play

Squeaker and some stuffing removed

Side by side - I can't tell the difference

Usually a cheap stuffed toy lasts no more than 24 hours before having its squeaker removed along with most of its stuffing. 72 hours and it resembles a rag. My hypothesis for this experiment was that clean lobster would meet this fate while smelly lobster would be granted a pardon. 24 hours came and went and the toys held up. Maybe a day later both squeakers were removed with a modest amount of stuffing, but both on the same pace. Now a week has passed and as you can see both toys are, while filthy (don’t buy white toys), still looking good.

So – what did we learn? Absolutely nothing. Take a look at the side by side comparison – both look the same – but have held up fairly well. My only lessons learned: don’t buy white toys, and mad scientists have made seal/lobster hybrids.

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  1. Laura
    Laura says:

    We bring our new puppy home in a few weeks. I was thinking about mailing a toy to the breeder so that it would pick up the litter smells. Was “that” toy really comforting to your puppy?

  2. Kolchak Puggle
    Kolchak Puggle says:

    My breeder had 6 fleece blankies in our kennel with us as babies and we each got to take one home. I loved that blankie with my whole heart and I would always fuss at night until Mom would put it in my kennel wrapped around a hot water bottle, and later just the blankie. Three and a half years later and I still bring that blankie to bed with us at night.

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