PawTracks TireBiter by Mammoth Pet Products

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PawTracks TireBiter

Important note: We have gotten a lot of comments of dogs becoming sick after playing with this toy!  For more information, see our followup post and comments from other readers.

The PawTracks TireBiter, from Mammoth Pet Products, has been in the dog toy basket since Cassie was a puppy. It’s basically an 8″ mini rubber reinforced tire with lots of nubbys like an actual car tire. It’s very durable, and is one of the oldest toys in the bin.  So from a durability standpoint only, it’s a great choice.  I’m sure there are dogs that absolutely love this toy.  As you can see from the photo, it’s got quite a few teeth marks in it, but it’s in great shape even after 3 years.

Our dogs, however, rarely choose this toy to play with or chew.  They are willing to play with it if I select it and roll it around for them, but they don’t pick it out on their own.  Plus, they’ll switch to another toy if they have the opportunity.

I think the problem with this toy is the rubber smell. It is, after all, a real tire, and has that strong oily petroleum odor that doesn’t go away.  The toy smells like a gas station.  If I think this toy has a strong odor, I can only imagine how a dog’s sensitive nose reacts to it. They just don’t like it!

The TireBiter is also a heavy toy, making it a less than ideal interactive toy to play with in the house… it tends to land hard and bounce when thrown or rolled, so we need to be careful where we toss this toy for the dogs.  It’s a much better outside toy, but because of the nubby texture, it gets filthy from being in the yard, and then I don’t even want to pick it up!

Finally, in researching this toy, I looked at other people’s reviews on this product and saw quite a few people complain that their dogs were sick after chewing this toy, so please do your research before buying.

I’d love to hear if other people have tried this toy and have had a more positive experience with it.  It’s a great idea for a toy, but just not that appealing in our home.

Important note: We have gotten a lot of comments of dogs becoming sick after playing with this toy!  For more information, see our followup post and comments from other readers.

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  1. Donna and the Dogs
    Donna and the Dogs says:

    We have two of these toys. My mix and my Vizsla never touch them, but boy does my Labrador love these! He prefers to use them as tug toys, so I can’t comment about the possibility of a dog getting sick from eating it, because he only plays with it when we are interacting with him. They have held up well, and we’ve had them for at least four years, outside in all weather.

  2. Rose
    Rose says:

    My daughter chose the Tire Biter for my Doberman as one of her first Birthday presents.
    It seemed like a fun toy at first but the next day she started to chew it apart and an hour later started to vomit and vomit and vomit. The poor dog was scared and shaking. This is a terrible toy, if your dog is a big time chewer! Don’t purchase it! I now know to research toys before I purchase. The Tire Biter reads safe and non-toxic, someone should make them remove it from the shelves.

    • moxie
      moxie says:

      Rose, thanks for the heads up. I saw other people had the same complaint about this toy on reviews for this product … that’s very scary! Did you contact the company directly and complain? My dogs don’t really play with the toy, but I think I need to throw it out now to be safe. – Janet

  3. Tony McCarter
    Tony McCarter says:

    We just bought the tire biter for a 1 1/2 year old Dachshund that wieghts about 9 pounds. after chewing on the toy for less than 10 min he had eaten part of the rubber and has been throwing up for several hours. My wife is calling the vet! I would not recommend this toy!

    • moxie
      moxie says:

      Tony, thanks for the heads up about the Tire Biter… we threw ours out to be safe. I hope your dachshund is okay! You should let the company know about this, as I’ve seen several reports now that this toy has made dogs sick… it should be pulled off the market.

  4. Niquita
    Niquita says:

    I bought this toy for my mastiff, rottweiler, pit bull mix. and within 20 minutes it was torn up and he vomited about seven times. It has been two days now and he hasnt had a appetite and is laying around (which it the complete opposite of him) I am going to have to take him to the vet. I researched this toy and it has made a lot of dogs sick. IT NEEDS TO BE TAKEN OFF THE SHELVES!!!

    • Name
      Name says:

      Thanks for your comment… we threw ours out too! Hopefully your comments will help people stay away from this toy.

  5. mike m
    mike m says:

    I bought one for our 11 month old female yellow lab, who is a big-time chewer-we watched her play with it, she liked to play tug-of-war with it, and ran around the house with it in her mouth, thrilled with it from all appearances…we went to bed around midnight, she also took her spot on her bed tired out from playing, then-we were awakened at 2 AM by the sound of her vomiting at the door. The ‘tirebiter’ toy was in shreds, with small pieces all aver the floor. If I had any idea this thing could be destroyed like this, I never would have bought it and i strongly recommend no one buy this, it is dangerous and poorly made.

  6. poor puppy
    poor puppy says:

    I just had a similar experience (wish I had read these reviews first!) I bought the tirebiter for my 1 yr old dog, he seemed the love it at first, 10 minutes later I noticed pieces of the rubber on the floor, so I took it away. Shortly after he was shaking, crying and throwing up non-stop. We almost had to bring him to the vet hospital at 1 in the morning it was so bad! I contacted the company today and all the woman had to say was “well it’s not a food item”. NO KIDDING LADY! But no product on the market should have that type of effect on a dog. They take no responsibility for their products. It is not safe for any dog! DO NOT BUY!

  7. Jason
    Jason says:

    Bought this for my 4 month old lab mix. He chewed it up pretty good within a few minutes then laid down for a nap. Upon waking he started vomiting. His vomit was full of tiny black bits of tire. This went on for an hour or more. I threw the toy away.

  8. Diane
    Diane says:

    We gave this “toy” to our 8 1/2 month chocolate lab today for Christmas and after destroying it in about 10 minutes, she became violently ill! DO NOT GIVE THIS TOY TO YOUR PETS!!! I have emailed the company about it and told them they should be pulling it from the shelves. Our dog vomitted for about one hour! We were terrified as there are no vets open on Christmas Day (especially where we live). This is not a toy it is POISON! If you have one, throw it away immediately!!

  9. Byron Pappageorge
    Byron Pappageorge says:

    Hello Diane,

    We received your review on our site regarding this toy. Please understand that we are only a dealer and do not manufacture the toy. After reading your review we also did a little research and found many similar complaints so we pulled the item from our inventory and no longer offer it on our site! We do not sell inferior products on our website so when we hear things like this we remove the item immediately!

    We are very sorry for any inconvenience this caused you and your dog. As a dealer, we did send a message to the manufacture that includes your review, and links to other reviews on the Net. Also letting them know that we will no longer be carrying this item so hopefully, when they start losing enough dealers, they will situp take notice!

  10. bias
    bias says:

    just got back from takin my little jr/aussie mix to the emergency vet because he threw up 10 times in less than an hour. got home and noticed his new tirebiter toy that he just got today was missing a few chunks. after reading the reviews i am confident that this product is what caused him being ill. he is finally asleep after $300 at the vet. a small price to pay to keep him healthy but very unneccessary from this bullshit toy maker.

  11. Nikki
    Nikki says:

    I gave the toy, which was chosen based on his weight as instructed by your website and the packaging, to my almost 9 month old lab/retriever mix. This reported ‘safe, non-toxic toy gently removes plaque and tartar as your dog chews. The two ply flossing nylon is embedded throughout the chew for long-lasting use’. However, this is completely inaccurate and misleading. My dog had chewed a small hole, the size of a silver dollar into the side of the tire, in less than an hour. I immediately took it away from him as I did not want him eating, or choking on the rubber from the tire.

    Within a short time my dog became violently ill. My family and I stayed up the entire night and were left with no option but to stay home the entire next day, missing work, while our dog suffered through intense vomiting, and convulsions of shaking and gaging. Our dog eventually stopped vomiting approximately 8 hours after it initial began. In addition to the distress the vomiting caused damage to our large rug in the family room resulting in an 80 dollar loss, his bed led to a loss of 100 dollars, several towels and blankets amounting to about 50 dollars in losses. Our dog did not eat the next day and continued to struggle to eat for several days. My family and I took numerous precautions to help prevent dehydration and worse hospitalization.

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