Boston Nor’easter

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Today was a snow day!  We got about 2 feet of snow at our home in Boxford during our January Nor’easter in New England… almost too deep for the dogs to navigate, but they are troopers and once they got going there was no stopping them… even after they accumulated about 10 pounds of snowballs on their fur.

Moxie and Cassie played and dug in the snow, while we toiled away with the shoveling and clearing out. Finally, we got some paths made with the snowblower, so the dogs could get a good run in without having to plow through the deep snow.  And run they did!

It’s getting dark outside now, still snowing, and the dogs are curled up fast asleep by the fire.  We’re snowed in for the night.  I’m going to pour a glass of wine and put my feet up.  Ah, snow days!  What a wonderful treat!

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