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My friends who run Canine University suggested this toy for review. They have a large pack of active Golden Retrievers (including Cassie’s Mom, Cameo), and they love this toy. Schnoodleware.com is a local company that makes fleece dog toys, blankets and dog coats. We decided to try the Criss Cross & Toss toy because the website suggested this toy for multiple dog households. That’s us!

We’ve had the Criss Cross & Toss toy out for over a month now, and it hasn’t shown any signs of wear, even though it gets a lot of enthusiastic playtime.

This is a very simple toy design, just two “tubes” of double-layered fleece tied in the center, and with knots at all four ends.  No squeakers are used, so the dogs haven’t been tempted to tear into it. The ends are finished nicely, with no frays or loose stitching.

The Criss Cross and Toss by Schnoodleware is a good value and long lasting

Both dogs love this toy.  At about 16″ long, it makes a terrific tug toy for dogs to pull together, but it’s so soft, it’s not harsh when a human allows the dog to tug too.  The fleece does get a bit slobbery, because it doesn’t absorb liquid. However, the fleece is fast drying, and easy to clean.

I have seen this toy at our local dog supplies store, but you can also order it online directly from the company at www.schnoodleware.com.  We like this toy a lot and are putting it into our “recommended” category.  Another great toy for ruff dogs!