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Planet Dog toys are a big hit in our pack.  The Orbee-Tuff Orbee Bone is no exception.  This toy goes from the house to the yard to the pool, even to bed with Cassie.  She loves the feel of this toy in her mouth, it’s absolutely indestructible, and (despite how it looks in the photo) it cleans up easily with soap and water, or a run through the dishwasher.

We love that this toy floats in the pool, and the two dogs have a great time fetching this toy, because it initially sinks on impact, but then floats up to the top.  And, unlike hollow toys that eventually fill up with water, we’ve never had to dig this one from the bottom of the pool.

The bone is fairly soft and flexible… almost jiggly, and it bounces when tossed onto a hard surface, as in our tile kitchen.  This gives them an extra challenge to grab it on the bounce up.  We have the size large, which is big enough for them to use as a tug toy.  In the yard, it’s heavy enough that you can give it a good long throw to tire them out with a game of fetch.

Like all rubber toys, though, beware of the slime factor!  The surface of the bone is particularly smooth, making it extra slippery when slobbery.  Ugh.  But oh, they do love it.

Makes a great pool toy too.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, Cassie needs something in her mouth whenever she’s excited or anxious.  A deer in the yard, the UPS guy, somebody in the neighbor’s yard all require something in the mouth! Any guest at our door is greeted by a wiggly golden with a toy in her mouth.  She usually goes for a stuffie toy, but this bone is makes the cut for her “security blanket,” I suppose because it is so soft in the mouth.

We’ve had this toy now for several years.  The logo on the toy is hard to read and there is some tooth wear on the bone, but other than that it’s holding up great.  Highly recommended!