Mighty Toy Bear by VIP Products

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Durability Rating: [Rating:1/5]

Soft, but not at all MIGHTY strong!

We’re so disappointed!  Cassie’s birthday was last week, and we celebrated with a trip to the pet supply store for a few toys!  We’ve had such good luck with the VIP Products so far, we bought two of their toys.  I loved the look of this plush “polar bear” from the Mighty Dog Arctic Series.

Unfortunately, the Mighty Dog Polar Bear  didn’t make the cut at all.  In fact, it lasted less than 1/2 hour before I had to take it away from them.

The DuraScale Tag (which we’ve come to trust) rated this toy at 9, meaning “Extremely Strong, Extremely Durable.

The Mighty Dog product tag states: “Multiple layers sewn multiple times. … All material seams are covered with a layer of soft, flexible material and sewn together with another two rows of stitching”.

This is simply not true. After just a few minutes of playing the seam in the belly had torn away, and you can clearly see that the stitching is one row of very wide stitching, using multiple threads.

Mighty Dog Toy Polar Bear

The stitching gave way minutes after giving the toy to the dogs. As you can see, there is only one row of stitches, and they are not at all tight!

An interesting side note, on the VIP website, this toy is listed with a DuraScale rating of 8, or “Long lasting and really durable”.   Unfortunately, the Cassie/Moxie rating is more like a 1: “The Cheap Plush Toy”.  Except these toys aren’t cheap.  At $21.99, I expected a toy that would last.

I will try to repair the belly, but I don’t have high hopes for this toy lasting through Thanksgiving. We’ll have stuffing all over the house (and not the kind we can eat with turkey!)

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  1. Maggie Connelly
    Maggie Connelly says:

    VIP Products needs to hire Cassie and Moxie for their test sessions!!
    Yes, those toys aren’t cheap; and the Durascale needs to be more reliable for pet owners to avoid accidents and mishaps.
    Good job Cassie and Moxie!!

  2. moxie
    moxie says:

    Donna, I sent an email to the company, and they offer a 7 day guarantee, so I’ll be returning it to the store, who can return it. VIP Products responded quickly by email, so they get points for customer service.

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