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Someone thought it was a good idea to invent a way to throw a tennis ball without actually touching it. Normally that would sound like a solution looking for a problem, but in the case of a dog toy, it’s a great idea. The Chuckit! series of ball launchers and balls allow you to throw a ball as far as you want, pick it up while avoiding slobbery/sandy balls, and keep on throwing with minimal effort.

The Chuckit! launchers come in a variety of models ranging from small to large, and designed for a variety of balls of different sizes (for different sized dogs). Check out the range of models at www.chuckit.com. We use the Ultra Grip launcher. Its the longest of the launchers at 25″, has a padded hand grip, and launches the Chuckit! Medium size (2.5″) balls. Conveniently that’s the same size as a “normal” tennis ball. The length of this launcher allows you to throw the ball very far – sometimes too far to keep the testers interested. Pictured is our go to ball, the Chuckit! Tennis ball, which is advertised as “extra wall thickness”. However there are other balls ranging from glow in the dark, to erratic flight, to high bounce that are also worth a future test.

While the Ultra Grip launcher cost us approximately $15 with a ball, I’ve seen the basic launchers for under $10 many places. Keeping one in the car with a sleeve of normal tennis balls is a great idea.

Bottom line – the launcher itself isn’t the toy – the ball is – and dogs love chasing balls. But the launcher makes it much easier to play fetch. I’d recommend getting a launcher that uses medium balls and having extra balls on hand in case a random pooch steals your ball or it goes too far out to sea at the beach.