Rubber Chicken by Zanies

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The Rubber Chicken by Zanies is a surprisingly durable toy that is truly a bargain dog toy that has lasted months.  Made of 100% Natural Latex Rubber, the toy is a 24 inch wiggly, shakeable, throwable toy that has gotten a lot of play.

Cassie likes to shake it so much, she ends up flogging herself!  Moxie chooses this toy quite often to initiate tug games with Cassie, and the rubber is pretty stretchy with a lot of give to it.  It is also a great toy for playing catch because it is floppy and unpredictable.

The only downside to this toy (as with all rubber toys) is it tends to get slimy after a few minutes.  Cassie and Moxie don’t mind of course, but I do!

This rubber chicken by Zanies is a great bargain!

After over 8 months of hard play, this toy is still kicking.  Granted it has a few punctures in the rubber, but overall, I can’t complain.  And for the price, we sure have gotten our money’s work.  Well done, Zanies!

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  1. Nancy Kittleson
    Nancy Kittleson says:

    This toy was given as a gift from Cassie to Gryphyn last Christmas. Gryphyn is more into plush but the new puppy Tala loves this chicken! She carries it around and shakes it to kill it well and it still comes back for more. Still squeaks and no holes yet. It is a favorite to come out of the toy box.

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