Kong Braidz

Our Rating:

Durability Rating:[Rating:1/5]
Kong is well known for it’s great rubber products and chew toys, and we’ve used Kongs for our dogs to help keep them occupied when they are teething and during crate training and other times when we want them busy but quiet.  Our original Kong, which is over 15 years old, is still in the toy crate.  Now that’s a durable toy!

The Kong Braidz, however are a totally different story.  To be fair, they are not billed on their tags as being tough, but their website states they are for dogs who “like to tug, shake and squeak their toys.  Their soft but strong material is tightly braided for strength creating the cutest tug toy on the market.

Kong Braidz: Not at all tough!

The sales staff at the pet store recommended this toy as a good choice for dogs that are tough on toys, so I decided to give it a try, although I had my doubts.  The toy has not lasted at all, and within a week of play, it is ready for the trash can.  The toy is in many pieces, some of which have already been tossed, the braiding is unraveling quickly and this toy will very quickly be gone.  For $10.99, I was expecting more!

While we love the original Kong products, the Braidz Toys are not recommended for the tough dogs.  Save your money.