Hugglehounds Skunk

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Hugglehounds Skunk

Durability Rating: [Rating:0.5/5]

Hugglehounds has “Tuffut Technology” and their slogan is “Go Ahead… Chew Me… Dare You!”

So they dared me… how could I resist?  The toy tag boasts:

“3 specially bonded layers provide the body armour protecting this toy.

  • Outside Layer Custom designed fabrics provide the great look and feel of the toy.
  • Middle Layer Rugged, tear resistant sport mesh
  • Inside Layer Heavy-duty, dense-fiber material
  • Stitched with Tight Standards Specially developed, heavy duty thread and up to 65% more stitches per inch form a tight seal
  • Reinforced Stress Point Seams Additional binding sewn over all stress points for extra strength”

The Tuffit Techology list was just as impressive:

  • “3-step, patent pending process, developed to deliver the strongest soft toy in the pet industry
  • Tested to withstand over 100 pounds of tugging and pulling
  • No external seams that can be easily opened by aggressive chewers
  • So much extra protection yet toy maintains its light weight and play appeal”

Wow!  All this for $20.99!  I bought one!  Well, guess what?  It lasted less than an hour!



Flimsy stitching made this toy fall completely apart

I have to admit, this was a huge disappointment… After less than an hour of average play, the head was dismembered and hanging literally by a thread.  We retrieved the toy, and upon closer inspection, the seams holding the head on are basted on at best… the stitching is really flimsy and not at all what was promised on the tag…

If this was a three dollar toy that had lasted under an hour I would have been a bit annoyed but would expect a short life for the price.  This company, though, BRAGS about how tough their toys are and charge quite a premium for the promise that the toy will last.  That just makes me mad!

Please don’t waste your time or money on this toy brand.  I’m returning the remains to the store today and hopefully they will stop selling it if enough people complain. Talk about being “ripped off!”