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2010 October

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18 Oct 2010

Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Zoom Flyer

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Durability Rating: [Rating:5/5]

This is another great toy from Planet Dog. For toughness and durability, you really can’t go wrong with Planet Dog toys, and this toy is no exception. We have this toy for the pool, and it is definitely a favorite with the dogs, both in and out of the water. Yes, it floats, yes, it is soft on the mouth and yes, it is durable!

As a pool toy, the Orbee, challenges dogs to think, because depending on how it lands in the water, the disc might be slightly under the water. The dogs tend to push it underwater as they enthusiastically try to grab it up… then the action of their legs treading water keeps it out of reach.

We have taught the dogs to “leave it” and swim away from it to allow the toy time to float back to the surface. Then we reward the dogs with an “okay go get it” so they can try again to grab it.

Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Zoom Flyer - Long lasting and super tough!This toy is so enticing, it was the one that got Cassie to first dive in off the diving board. It’s also great for competitive dogs who can both grab onto the Orbee and swim together. Once out of the pool, it makes a great tug toy.

We’ve had this toy for at least two years. It is finally showing a bit of stress where the blue, stiffer center is coming apart from the outer ring… however, so long as it floats and doesn’t completely come apart, we’re keeping it in the arsenal.

Definitely recommended and worth the money. We’re thinking Moxie might be a frisbee dog, so we’ll also use this once the pool is closed to teach her to play frisbee.

15 Oct 2010

Tuffy’s Ultimate Tug-Of-War

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Durability Rating: [Rating:4.5/5]

This toy is awesome… it’s a big toy, about 22″ long, and when we bought it two years ago, we paid about $25 for this toy.  Now you can get it online for $12.50, and we think it’s worth every penny! VIP gives this toy a Tuff Scale rating of 9, meaning “Extremely Stong – Extremely Durable”.  Their website describes the toy’s construction as follows:

Ultimate Construction: Each toy is made with 4 layers. 2 layers are made of industrial grade luggage material, 1 layer of plastic coating, and the other layer is made of soft fleece on the outside. All of these layers are sewn together to make one super strong layer of material.  Each toy is sewn together with 2 layers of cross stitching and then 2 layers of linear stitching.  After the toy is sewn together an additional piece of black trim is added to cover the four rows of stitching. This extra piece of black trim is sewn with 3 linear stitches to give the product a total of 7 seams! These toys are machine washable (air dry) and float.”

Tuffy's Ultimate Tug-Of-War Toy

This might look like it's in rough shape, but it's two years old! We definitely got our money's worth from this toy.

Cassie loved this toy from the start, but did tend to chew on the center section and did some damage there.   However the majority of the toy is still intact, and since we’ve had it now for over two years, we find the Tuff Scale rating to be true.  In fact, this is one of the oldest “stuffed” toys still in the bin plus one of the only toys that is still recognizable!  Even after we got Moxie, who loves to play tug with Cassie and is very enthusiastic and LOUD about her game of tug, the toy is still intact and going strong.

This toy is almost never left in the toy box.  Now that Cassie has the center of the toy nice and floppy, she loves to shake it and toss it in the air.  She actually likes it better now that it’s a bit “worn in”.  Of course all that shaking is too tempting for Moxie, who comes running, and then the game really begins.  They will play with this toy for a good long time and it is definitely a favorite for them both.  After two years, it is getting a bit worn, so this will definitely be a toy we will buy again.  You can’t beat it for durability, price and fun!

The Ultimate Tug-Of-War toy is a keeper and we recommend this toy!

08 Oct 2010

Hugglehounds Skunk

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Hugglehounds Skunk

Durability Rating: [Rating:0.5/5]

Hugglehounds has “Tuffut Technology” and their slogan is “Go Ahead… Chew Me… Dare You!”

So they dared me… how could I resist?  The toy tag boasts:

“3 specially bonded layers provide the body armour protecting this toy.

  • Outside Layer Custom designed fabrics provide the great look and feel of the toy.
  • Middle Layer Rugged, tear resistant sport mesh
  • Inside Layer Heavy-duty, dense-fiber material
  • Stitched with Tight Standards Specially developed, heavy duty thread and up to 65% more stitches per inch form a tight seal
  • Reinforced Stress Point Seams Additional binding sewn over all stress points for extra strength”

The Tuffit Techology list was just as impressive:

  • “3-step, patent pending process, developed to deliver the strongest soft toy in the pet industry
  • Tested to withstand over 100 pounds of tugging and pulling
  • No external seams that can be easily opened by aggressive chewers
  • So much extra protection yet toy maintains its light weight and play appeal”

Wow!  All this for $20.99!  I bought one!  Well, guess what?  It lasted less than an hour!



Flimsy stitching made this toy fall completely apart

I have to admit, this was a huge disappointment… After less than an hour of average play, the head was dismembered and hanging literally by a thread.  We retrieved the toy, and upon closer inspection, the seams holding the head on are basted on at best… the stitching is really flimsy and not at all what was promised on the tag…

If this was a three dollar toy that had lasted under an hour I would have been a bit annoyed but would expect a short life for the price.  This company, though, BRAGS about how tough their toys are and charge quite a premium for the promise that the toy will last.  That just makes me mad!

Please don’t waste your time or money on this toy brand.  I’m returning the remains to the store today and hopefully they will stop selling it if enough people complain. Talk about being “ripped off!”

03 Oct 2010

Zanies Ripstop Training Dummy

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Durability Rating: [Rating:4/5]

We bought two of the Zanies Ripstop Training Dummies, thinking that they wouldn’t last very long.  Cassie loves to jump off the diving board to retrieve toys, so we wanted to try this out as a pool toy, but didn’t have high expectations based on the fairly inexpensive price.  Well, price and durability don’t always go hand in hand, and this toy is a wonderful example.

We have been delighted with the durability of this toy!  It has lasted a full summer of both dogs retrieving it out of the pool, so it has been left out wet, exposed to chlorine and sun.  It still floats, hasn’t gotten moldy or smelly and is still the hands down favorite pool toy.

The Zanies Rip Stop Dummy is a pool toy favorite

The dummy has also been used extensively as a tug toy, especially when both dogs vie for the same toy… they’ll both grab onto the same toy and swim back to the edge of the pool, climb out and hang on for dear life… the first dog to shake loses!

The material is a durable nylon exterior with a foam interior for floatability.  After a summer of use, there are some small punctures and a definite decline in the stability of the fabric, but both toys are still useaable.  We recommend this toy for pool dogs.  It is a bit expensive to try bringing to the beach, however.  We’ve had dog toys wash away in the surf, so for the beach, we stick to very cheap tennis balls or sticks.

03 Oct 2010

Rubber Chicken by Zanies

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Durability Rating: [Rating:5/5]
The Rubber Chicken by Zanies is a surprisingly durable toy that is truly a bargain dog toy that has lasted months.  Made of 100% Natural Latex Rubber, the toy is a 24 inch wiggly, shakeable, throwable toy that has gotten a lot of play.

Cassie likes to shake it so much, she ends up flogging herself!  Moxie chooses this toy quite often to initiate tug games with Cassie, and the rubber is pretty stretchy with a lot of give to it.  It is also a great toy for playing catch because it is floppy and unpredictable.

The only downside to this toy (as with all rubber toys) is it tends to get slimy after a few minutes.  Cassie and Moxie don’t mind of course, but I do!

This rubber chicken by Zanies is a great bargain!

After over 8 months of hard play, this toy is still kicking.  Granted it has a few punctures in the rubber, but overall, I can’t complain.  And for the price, we sure have gotten our money’s work.  Well done, Zanies!